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Surma People and OMO Valley
Tour Code: LTE 2209
Tour Length: 18 DAYS
Transportation: Car

Day 1- Arrival in Addis Ababa and city tour

Day 2- Leave Addis Ababa for  Jimma via the spectacular Gibe River gorge; and en route visiting the Gurage villages at Walkite area. Overnight stay in Jimma/ hotel

Day 3- Drive to Bebeka (coffee forest) via Kaffa, where the Arabic coffee first originated on this earth with en route visiting the villages of Kaffa people with their traditional values and customs. Overnight stay camping or guesthouse

Day 4- Drive to Tulgit for Surma people en route visiting the Shaka people. Camping at Tulgit

Day 5- Proceed to Kibish for the Surma and visiting the village with their traditional ceremonies, if possibly the Dunga stick fight .Camping at Kibish

Day 6- Drive back to Bebeka on the way visit Dizi people .Overnight stay camping or guesthouse.

Day 7- Drive to Jimma for an overnight stay/hotel

Day 8- Continue to Arbaminch via the scenic route of Chida- Sodo road. Overnight stay in Arbaminch/hotel

Day 9- This morning we drive to Chencha, the homeland of Dorze people whose the villages are classic example of simple architecture, unlike anything seen elsewhere in Ethiopia-towering beehive –shaped structures reaching up to 12 meter high; the interiors are dark but spacious and airy with floors of pressed earth. Afternoon is a boat trip on Lake Chamo where the giant crocodiles and hippos are residing.  Overnight stay in Arbaminch/hotel

Day 10- Early stat for the Nechsar National Park home for the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeests; and then proceed Konso where the people still practicing an intensive form of agriculture on intricately terraced hillside. The Konso have a rich indigenous culture that finds expression in haunting music and dance. They also commemorate dead heroes with carved wooden figures known as “Waga” (which means, literally, something of the grand father.” Overnight stay in Karat/ Konso

Day 11- Drive to Turmi and en route visiting the Erbore, Tsemay & Hammer people. Overnight stay at Turmi/ camping or lodge
Day 12- visiting the Hammer villages and if possibly, visit the market or the seasonal bull jumping ceremonies, which depicts the status or the passage of a young Hammer man to the complete manhood grade. Overnight stay (see Day 11)

Day 13- Extrusion to Omorate/Galeb to see Dasenech tribe those inhabiting both the eastern and western bank of the lower course of River Omo; and drive back to Turmi. Overnight stay (see Day 11)
Day 14 An excursion to Karo villages; the Karo inhabit along the Omo River, at Murile and Dues villages. They are one of the least minorities in Omo valley with a population size of less than four hundred. The body painting and scarification is one of the beauties of these people and; then drive back to Turmi. Overnight stay (see Day 11)

Day15 - Leave Turmi for Yabello and en route visiting the Erbore tribes those classified under the Cushitic language family that linguistically different from the neighboring, Konso, Hammer and Tsemay people. Overnight stay in Yabello/hotel

Day16- Visiting the Elsod where the Borenna is traditionally mining the salt and Dubluck the watering stock of these people. Moreover, one highly developed self-sufficient system which has influenced every aspect of Borenna life is the Geda, a system that organizes the Borenna/Oromo society in to groups ( or Geda grade) that assume different responsibilities in the society every eight years .Overnight stay in Yabello/hotel

Day17- Drive to the Rift Valley Lake of Langano. Overnight stay at Langano resort o/n hotel

Day18- Drive back to Addis Ababa en route lakes Shalla, Abijata and Ziway which accommodate huge numbers of aquatic birds and depart on the same day in the evening


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