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Welcome to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country with a lot of tourist attractions in east Africa having amazing historical heritages, untouched natural environment and colorful culture of the people. According to the world’s Tourism Organization report, the visited parts of the country tourist attractions doesn’t cover more than 45 % of its resources. This is because of different factors mainly related to bad image of the country with regard to famine, civil war, and the others are poor infrastructural facilities like transportation, excellent hotels, and lack of well trained professionals in the industry in the previous days. The other factor also can be lack of effective promotions about the tourism potential of the country to the tourist generating countries. Here, as a stakeholder of the tourism industry Lambadina Tour and Travel is committed to contribute a lot to alleviate some of these problems as well as doing our very best on introducing Ethiopia to the rest of the world. Furthermore we provide professional and high standard quality tourism services. So we invite the whole world to visit and experience the magnificent nature, Culture and historical antiquities of Ethiopia. We are offering individual and group tour packages of Historical sites tour, cultural tours, trekking, birding, and many more. Also as a special request up on your interest and time, we will organize tailor made tour packages. Please refer our tour packages from the tour package menu. Besides our tour packaging services we sale air ticket, car hiring, hotel reservations and others. Our luxurious 2008 model Land cruiser vehicles are ready to make your stay in Ethiopia enjoyable and memorable. Have enjoyable stay in Ethiopia.


About Us

Lambdina Tours is one of the best equipped tour operators in Ethiopia , with efficient and responsive management, a large fleet of well-maintained vehicles, and managed by articulate, energetic and flexible young guides. Lambadina offers reasonable rates and reliable travel advice based on years of travel experience in Ethiopia.

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